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Custom built drone systems.?. There are huge advantages for professionals, flying for a living & in highly demanding situations to have reliable kit that works flawlessly, that has been built with quality components & can be repaired in the field without having to ship the whole unit to another continent for manufacturers repairs. I see this as a major problem for other companies flying their off the shelf consumer come professional drones, when they go wrong they loose time, work, & more importantly their reputation. The only cure for this is to have a backup machine waiting in the wings or acquire the knowledge to be able to carry out repairs, which nine times out of ten can not be done to the “off the shelf” drones, this is where a custom modular built drone is far superior, but they can not be bought in your local hobby shop.

This is where we can step in, our custom build service ensures that you are getting the best multirotor for the job built with the highest quality components money can buy. Reliable & proven components with good track records to us are essential in a good build. We wont be experimenting with the latest firmware or talking you into the latest market must haves, we concentrate on building a solid reliable machine. Having redundancy built in is another important factor, thats why we fly only octocopters with dual battery systems. We are also testing some new controllers that have dual gps redundancy so this is something we will be incorporating into our builds in the future once the systems have proved themselves reliable.


When we are commissioned a build we are here for you through every step of the way, from discussing the components to being there for the handover & customer maiden flights, then later, we offer free backup & advise, & as you become more familiar with your drone you will be carrying out your own repairs & maintenance very easily, but if not we are still here to guide you & can offer an ongoing upgrade & repair service or just simple advise over the phone.

We offer builds foremost for the film industry but also for a wide range of other industries including search & rescue, crop management, etc.

If you would like to work with us or find out more give us a call or stop by for a chat



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